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  • Q: What should I expect at 76 Rancho Carwash & Lube?

    A: At 76 Rancho Carwash & Lube you should expect nothing but the best service. A car cleaned to perfection. Free vacuum stations with absolutely no time limits. And in addition to brand name car cleaning products and refreshments are available at our onsite vending machines.

  • Q: Do I remain in the vehicle?

    A: No, it is best to wait in waiting area while our service guys take good care of your car while it's being washed.

  • Q: Do you vacuum or clean the inside of my car?

    A: Yes, we vacuum, clean the dashboards, cup holders and even your trunk!

  • Q: What kind of chemicals or soaps do you use?

    A: All of our soaps and cleaning products are acid or caustic free and are biodegradable. They are safe for your vehicle and for the environment.

  • Q: Doesn’t washing your car at 76 Rancho carwash & lube waste a lot of water?

    A: No, believe it or not we recycle up to 75% of our water!

    We use PurWater™ Reclaim System and advanced computerized equipment to treat and recycle our wash water.

  • Q: Why shouldn’t I just wash my car at home?

    A: Don’t get us started! Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t…

    The average person uses between 100 and 150 gallons of fresh water when washing a car at home. When coming to 76 Rancho Carwash & Lube we only use 30 to 45 gallons of fresh water for each wash, plus 75 gallons of recycled water.

    The water after washing your car goes directly from your driveway and into the storm drains, which means the chemicals and soaps that were used on your car get washed into our bays, lakes and oceans.

    So 76 Rancho Carwash & Lube is not only doing something good for your car it’s also helping the environment.

  • Q: Is 76 Rancho Carwash & Lube a “touchless” car wash?

    A: Seriously, do you wash your hands without rubbing them together? It is really difficult to get anything REALLY clean without contact- even with high pressure and hash chemicals, like many “touchless washes”.

    That’s why 76 Rancho Carwash & Lube uses Mirco-Clean foam and soft cloth material (no brushes) and 100% safe biodegradable shampoos to gently clean your car. While not scratching or dulling your clear coast finish.

  • Q: What types of vehicles can you wash?

    A: 76 Ranch Carwash & Lube can wash most cars, vans and trucks (maximum height of seven fit and two inches.)

  • Q: Is the wash safe for convertibles?

    A: Yes, Make sure your roof is properly latched.

  • Q: Is the wash safe for alloy wheels?

    A: Yes, most cars makers caution against washes that use acids on polished aluminum wheels since these can stain or strip away clear coat finishes on the wheels. Ranch Carwash & Lube uses NO acids and only soft cloth washing materials and high pressure spray nozzles; so your wheels are perfectly safe.